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As the 50th anniversary of D-Day nears, my thoughts go back two years before D-Day to Aug. 19, 1942. This was the day the Allied troops - British, American and Canadian - invaded France on the beaches of Dieppe. The majority of those troops were Canadian. So were the majority of the deaths on that invasion. Of the 4,963 soldiers who were in "Operation Jubilee" on that maneuver, nearly 2,000 either died or were captured.

I have often felt that as World War II is talked about, the Canadian lives lost are ignored. My father died that August day on the beach, leaving a wife and two small children. He was 27. I have one picture of him; he is in his Essex Scottish Regiment Canadian Army Uniform. I have the last letter he wrote to my mother on Aug. 14, 1942. There is one line in it to my brother and me. He said, "Help your mother and be good." He signed it XXXXXX Daddy. That's all I know of my Dad. My mother died when I was 10. My memories of her are singing WWII songs around our home, like "The White Cliffs of Dover," etc. My whole young life was affected by WWII. So, please don't forget the Canadian soldiers.Judith Schooley Anderson