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I wish to compliment the director of the Department of Natural Resources, Ted Stewart, for his efforts in correcting a severe problem that does and has existed in southern Utah with the transfer of Clair Jensen from his position out of the Division of Wildlife Resources in the Cedar City office.

Jensen went way beyond his authority in two well-defined situations involving water rights and one concerning a national park issue - none of which had to do within the parameters of Jensen's job with the Division of Wildlife Resources.It is also surprising to me that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has adopted Jensen and is trying to come to his rescue at the expense of these small rural communities and counties in southern Utah. Definitely, these small communities and counties do not need any more listings of wild and scenic rivers or endangered species or to have their small streams and rivers set aside, preventing any development in the future for their needs.

Why is Ken Rait of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance so bent out of shape by the removal of Clair Jensen? Would Rait make the same demands if the director of Transportation removed one of his district managers who disobeyed department regulations? Supposing the administrator of Human Services removed one of his outlying district supervisors for not following the guidelines spelled out by the administration. Would Rait come storming into their offices making the same demands that he did with Stewart and the Department of Natural Resources? I think not. So why the unbridled concern with the removal of Jensen from his position? Or is there an ulterior motive here that we can only surmise?

Paul L. Young

St. George