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Alta View Hospital-

CLEGG, Elissa and Eric, Sandy, girl.HARTMAN, Amy, Sandy, boy.

NEWTON, Colleen and Steven, Sandy, girl.

TOBLER, Jill and Matthew, Sandy, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

BALD EAGLE, Priscilla and Michael W., Salt Lake City, girl.

CRAMER, Donella and FAULKNER, Sherman, Salt Lake City, boy.

CZERKUN, Shirley and Jerzy, Salt Lake City, boy.

ELDRIDGE, Winifred and TRUJILLO, Paul, Salt Lake City, boy.

FEHR, Natalee and Keith, Salt Lake City, boy.

GARDNER, Johanna and Scott, West Jordan, boy.

HICKS, Jana and Thomas, Salt Lake City, boy.

PALMER, Cindy and Brett, Stansbury Park, Tooele County, boy.

PEARMAIN, Tawni and Troy, Midvale, girl.

WALKER, Shauna, American Fork, twin girls.

WEBSTER, Moya and Kevin, Sandy, boy.

WOODCOX, Kathryn and Bryan, Riverton, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BEAZER, Kelli and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl.

BOTT, Kambra and Brandon, Salt Lake City, boy.

BROWN, Claire and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy.

CARLISLE, Christine and Craig, West Jordan, boy.

CARTER, Lisa and James, Salt Lake City, girl.

CHAPPEL, Beverly and Bruce, Coalville, girl.

DURRANT, Michelle and Scott, Salt Lake City, boy.

ELLINGSTON, Jenna and Paul, Midvale, boy.

FLORES, Jean and David, Bountiful, girl.

FRICKE, Dora and Jim, Salt Lake City, boy.

GARDNER, Elisa and Melvin, West Jordan, girl.

GLENN, Jennifer and Jon, Salt Lake City, boy.

LINNER, Kathleen and Raymond, Salt Lake City, boy.

LOCKHART, Bernice and Rick, Sandy, boy.

LUKENBACH, Dana and MONTOYA, Thomas, Salt Lake City, boy.

MENENDEZ, Jamie and John, Salt Lake City, girl.

NAVIDOMSKIS, Gail and Mike, Salt Lake City, boy.

PARRY, Sarah, Salt Lake City, boy.

REMINGTON, Andrea and Richard, Salt Lake City, boy.

RUSSELL, Denise and Thomas, North Salt Lake, girl.

SELJAAS, Jamie and Kevin, Bountiful, girl.

TAYLOR, Nancy and William, Salt Lake City, girl.

TIPPETS, Marci and Trevor, Salt Lake City, boy.

WARD, Jana and Curtis, Salt Lake City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BURTON, Connie and Larry, West Valley City, girl.

DECKER, Laurie and David, Salt Lake City, girl.

DOCKRY, Laurie and Paul, Sandy, boy.

DUIS, Jamie and FLEMING, James, Heber City, boy.

FEARNLEY, Carie, and ALLRED, Robert, West Valley City, girl.

HANSEN, Cynthia and ERICKSON, Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl.

HEATON, Tamara and John, West Jordan, boy.

HODGES, Denise and Jeffery, Sandy, boy.

HOLLOWAY, Shauna Jill and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOHNSON, Judith and David, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEIKAM, Tracee and David, Salt Lake City, boy.

MONGIA, Ornella and Diego, Bountiful, boy.

PETERSON, Bonnie and Kelly, Salt Lake City, girl.

PUFF, Melanie, West Valley City, boy.

SANDQUIST, Traci and Steven, West Jordan, boy.

SANGBERG, Vickie and Rich, Salt Lake City, boy.

TIBBITTS, Tammy and David, West Jordan, boy.

VALERIO, Nichole Lynn and Lawrence, Murray, boy.

WEBB, Antonette and William, Riverton, boy.

WELLS, Debra and Cory, Sandy, boy.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

MOWER, Laura and John, Mt. Pleasant, triplet girls.

ADAMS, Denise and Bryce, Spanish Fork, boy.

ALLEN, Trina and Christopher, Provo, boy.

ANDERSEN, Marlo and Rhett, Provo, boy.

ANDERSON, Shanin and Randy, Orem, boy.

BADGER, Rebecca and Brenton, Provo, boy.

BAKER, Denise and Derek, Provo, girl.

BALL, Janette and Charles, Orem, boy.

BERG, Mary and Carl, Orem, boy.

BODINE, Heather and Bill, Orem, girl.

BOND, Brenda and Kenneth, Orem, boy.

BRADY, Julie and David, Nephi, girl.

BRAILSFORD, Bobbie and Rudy, Springville, boy.

BROWN, Darcy and Fredrick, Provo, girl.

BROWN, Peggy and Max, Provo, boy.

CALL, Kimberly and Curtis, Provo, boy.

CANCILLA, Sheils and Mark, Orem, girl.

COOPER, April and Gary, Orem, girl.

COX, Kristy and William, Provo, girl.

COX, Michelle and GUNTER, Jeremiah, Orem, boy.

DAVISON, Sandra and Matthew, Provo, girl.

DURBIN, Tracey and Shawn, Santaquin, girl.

FOWLER, Holly and Jeffrey, Orem, boy.

GENTRY, Jennifer and Geoffrey, Orem, girl.

GIBBONS, Alice and Christopher, Provo, girl.

GOODMAN, Sheryl and Steven, Provo, girl.

GORDON, Suzanne and Greg, Orem, girl.

GOVER, Wendy and John, Los Angeles, Calif., boy.

GRIMES, Annika and Harold, Springville, girl.

HAINES, Valerie and Jared, Orem, boy.

HALE, Michelle and Todd, American Fork, girl.

HAMILTON, Alice and Gene, Springville, boy.

HAROLDSEN, Amy and Jason, Provo, girl.

HARRIS, Susan and Jeffrey, Orem, boy.

HARWARD, Shannon and Floyd, Orem, girl.

HECK, Jeanne and Brent, Caldwell, Idaho, girl.

HENDRICKS, Jenefer and Erin, Pleasant Grove, boy.

HIGLEY, Marianne and Kevin, Orem, boy.

HOLBROOK, Michelle and Scott, Lehi, boy.

HONEY, Julie and Douglas, Mt. Pleasant, girl.

HOON, Myung, and LEE, Hwang Suk, Cheju, Korea, girl.

HOUGHTON, Nicole and James, Spanish Fork, boy.

HOUGHTON, Rayna and Mike, Orem, girl.

HUGHES, Jennifer and Darin, Provo, boy.

HUNDLEY, Chalyse, Provo, boy.

JENSEN, Cynthia and Kurt, Orem, boy.

JOHNSON, Jeanine and Troy, Orem, boy.

JONES, Delayne and Dana, Orem, boy.

JOYCE, Aura and Jeffrey, Provo, boy.

KEITH, Yolanda and Todd, Provo, girl.

KIELAR, Laurel and Richard, Orem, girl.

KNOWLES, Kami and John, Provo, girl.

LIDLEY, Jennifer and William, Provo, boy.

LOHNER, Diane and John, Provo, boy.

LOOS, Kimberly and Carl, Orem, boy.

MACIEL, Diane and Roberto, West Jordan, boy.

MADSEN, Jenae and Timothy, Orem, girl.

MALKORICH, Kari and Milan, Provo, boy.

McCOMBS, Kirstin and Davis, Provo, boy.

McMULLIN, Lisa and Colin, Orem, girl.

McNEFF, Evelyn and Daniel, Orem, girl.

MEEK, Johnna and Michael, Spanish Fork, boy.

MERRILL, Julie and Adam, American Fork, girl.

MEYER, Jeannie and Philip, Provo, boy.

MINER, Johanna and Sheldon, Orem, boy.

MOULTON, Julie and Mark, Provo, girl.

MUGERIAN, Charlynn and Paul, Provo, boy.

MYERS, Claudia and Ryan, Pleasant Grove, boy.

NELSON, Tracy and James, Nephi, boy.

OLSEN, Michelle and James, Provo, girl.

ORTEGA, Inma, Provo, girl.

OSTLER, Bridget and Jerry, Lehi, boy.

PAULSEN, Rebeca and Stan, Provo, girl.

PEREZ, Eblis and Julie, Provo, girl.

PETERSON, Wendy and David, Woodland Hills, boy.

PHILLIPS, Tracy and Jon, Orem, boy.

PINCKNEY, Whittney and Douglas, Orem, girl.

PORTER, Laura and Craig, Provo, boy.

POULSON, Rochele and Ted, Heber City, boy.

PROVOST, Deanna and David, Cedar Valley, girl.

RANEY, kathleen and James, Provo, girl.

ROBERTS, Nachira and Eric, Orem, boy.

RODRIGUEZ, Alexandra and Alfonso, Provo, girl.

RUSSELL, Shannon and John, Provo, boy.

SCHELLENBERG, Jenifer and Aaron, Spanish Fork, boy.

SHEPHERD, Cynthia and Roland, Orem, boy.

SIMON, Lorri, Spanish Fork, girl.

SKINNER, Courtney and Michael, Provo, girl.

SOL, Yan-Hawn and Song-Me, Provo, boy.

SORENSEN, Tiffany and Richard, Orem, girl.

SORENSEN, Tiffany and Richard, Orem, girl.

STARLEY, Tammy and Alan, Orem, boy.

STIRLING, Janna and Jason, Provo, boy.

SWENSON, Cherese and Mitchell, Provo, boy.

TAYLOR, Kimberly and Bryant, Provo, boy.

THOMAS, Suzette and Russell, Lake Shore, girl.

TIMOTHY, Elizabeth and Philip, Provo, girl.

WAKE, Sue Anne and Carl, Provo, boy.

WANDELL, Desery and Joe, Orangeville, Emery County, girl.

WILSON, Pamela and Bryant, Orem, girl.

YOUNG, Tammi and Ralph, Pleasant Grove, girl.