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Spearheaded by Cooking Light magazine, the nation's largest food and fitness magazine (4.8 million readers), an interactive "mobile magazine" will hit the highways beginning in June.

The six-month supermarket tour will include 100 cities and 175 supermarkets throughout the summer, educating consumers on healthy food. All visitors to this traveling advertisement for various products can enter a $1 million sweepstakes contest.

What a great idea! On June 10 the tour is scheduled to park itself at Albertsons on 40th and Washington in Ogden and Albertsons in Taylorsville at 1825 West 4700 South.

Recipe cards from Cooking Light Magazine, free samples and coupons galore will be available.

If you're not familiar with Cooking Light, pick up a copy.

Their nutritionists "remake" old favorite recipes for today's low-fat style of healthy eating in such interesting ways, it's a delight to read and use.


Brace yourselves, ice cream lovers. Not only is the best-tasting ice cream the highest-priced, it also has the most fat, calories and cholesterol.

Haagen-Daaz - the most expensive and richest brand won the banner of excellence in the June issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Three flavors - vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough were the winners.

Ben & Jerry's first introduced the ice cream flavor chocolate-chip cookie dough in 1991. But Hagen-Daaz edged it out of first place with the taste of real butter in the dough.

Wise old Consumer Reports folk tell us to not be fooled by frozen yogurts blended with candies and chunks of yummy-tasting who-knows-what. They can be more celulite-producing than many ice creams.

And here's a reminder - any ice cream will taste worse if it melts and refreezes.