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Police suspect foul play in the weekend disappearance of a 3-year-old girl.

Police originally thought Courtney Jo Flemal had wandered away from Liberty Park where she was playing with other children Saturday, but investigators now suspect she was the victim of a stranger abduction."If she had wandered off and been found, she would have been reported within the hour," said Ogden police Capt. Marlin Balls. "No one would keep a lost little girl two days."

The girl was barefoot. Her shoes were found near her stroller, the captain said.

Police have some leads "but nothing to sink our teeth into," he said.

"There are some reported sightings, and we are checking those out," he said.

Balls said nine detectives had been assigned to the case. Among the leads they were checking out were two sightings of a young girl climbing into a dark-blue utility truck.

The child's mother, Shelly Flemal, was with her daughter at the park when her attention strayed. When she looked up, she said, the child was gone.

She said she searched the park and her home a block away before contacting police.

Some of the children at the park were questioned, and none reported seeing anything unusual, Balls said.

About 100 volunteers helped officials canvass the area within 11/2 miles of the park Sunday. Some continued to search Monday, though the official search had been called off.

The volunteers knocked on doors and searched outbuildings and garbage cans, Balls said.

An anonymous donor has offered a $1,000 reward for the toddler's safe return or information leading to the arrest or conviction of the person responsible for the disappearance.