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Utah State University's College of Education recently honored top students and faculty members for their scholarly and service efforts:

Debbie Hobbs, elementary education, was named Teacher of the Year. Dee Child, communicative disorders, is Adviser of the Year.Blaine Worthen, psychology, was selected Scholar/Researcher of the Year. Steven Bernhisel is the Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year, while the Graduate Research Assistant of the Year is Gary Mauk.

Richard Roberts, psychology, was recognized with the Honors Senior Seminar Faculty Award.

Sally M. Ashton, a secondary education major from Logan, was named Valedictorian for the college. Jill Rae Reed, Bountiful, was named Scholar of the Year. Tiffany Shelton, Pewaukee, Wis., and Teresa Thompson, Hyrum, received the A-Pin, given for attaining a straight "A" average for three consecutive quarters.

Dorothy Dobson, a teacher at the Edith Bowen School, was recognized for winning the State Farm Insurance "Good Neighbor Award" for her creative method of teaching social studies.

Other honors in each of the departments include: Communicative Disorders - Dr. Douglas B. Hart and Mary Christine Michener received the department's Alumni Professional Achievement Award. Cindy Shakespear, Heber, is the Valedictorian; sharing honors as Outstanding Senior are Brindie Henderson, Pingree, Idaho, and Tiffany Shelton, Pewaukee, Wis.

Named Outstanding Graduate Students in their specialties are Rod Hinck; Jill Saurer, Salt Lake City; Starla Wanlass, Grantsville, and Carrie Collins. Hinck won the Graduate Assistant of the Year Award. Jillyn Abel, Afton, Wyo., received the Joanne Lillywhite Christensen Scholarship.

Psychology - Jennifer Stepan, College Ward, is the Valedictorian, Haley M. Houtchens Lindhardt, Greeley, Colo., is Outstanding Student and Kerry Parker, Great Falls, Mont., is the Outstanding Scholar. Outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in their specialties are Daniel R. Miggin, Redlands, Calif.; Tonia Dattage, Springville; Erin Rasmussen Miller, Ogden, and Kynda Loren Harris, Vancouver, Wash. Timothy B. Smith received the Walter R. Borg Scholarship.

Elementary Education - Judy Greene and Laura Stewart received the department's Alumni Professional Achievement Award. Amy Vaden Wallace, Mackay, Idaho, is Valedictorian; Heather Christensen Poll, Preston, Idaho and Paula Jenkins, Bluebell, Outstanding Students; Becky Bastian, Centerville, and Carrie Roberts, Logan, were named Outstanding Student Teachers. The Outstanding Graduate Student is Romy Forster, Logan.

Scholarships were presented. Recipients and the awards include: Kayanne Wilder, Rock Springs, Wyo., Jeanette Page, Sandy, and Jennifer Ducharme. The Edith Bowen Scholarship; KhamKhoun Beutler, Plain City, the Clifford L. and Julie Manning Frye Scholarship; Angela Andersen, Hyde Park, the Myrtle Sowards DeHart Scholarship; Stephanie DeCow, LaVerkin, the Ina W. Kurzhals Scholarship; Daryl Guymon, the Thomas Alva Taylor Scholarship; Lori Ann Kidman, Preston, Idaho, the Oral L. and Tacy C. Ballam Scholarship, and Tamara Crook, Kaysville, the Adele C. Young Scholarship.

Health, Physical Education & Recreation - Lois Downs received the Alumni Professional Achievement Award and Richard Smith received the department's Service Award. Tara Jensen, Logan, is the department's Valedictorian; Outstanding Scholar is Lori Loudner, Lakewood, Colo.; Graduate Assistant of the Year is Melisa Cragun; Wendy Bouwhuis, Perry, and Dee Burton, Layton, are Outstanding Graduate Students. Outstanding students in their specialties are Allyson Tyler, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Melissa Davis, Kaysville; Morry Angell, Sandy; Amy Ann Croney, Logan; Debbie Christensen, Sandy; Dena Wood, Liberty; Willis McCree, Brigham City; Chris Astle, Afton, Wyo; Art Erickson, Smithfield and Amy Markgraf, Springville.

Scholarships were presented. Recipients and awards include: Julie B. Stephenson, Farmington, the Mary Jane Faylor Scholarship; Wendy C. Putnam, Brigham City, Ladora S. Phillips, Logan, and Phillip J. Waite, Logan, the Hyrum B. and Ethel Hunsaker Scholarships; Heidi B. Galbraith, Sugar City, Idaho, the Lois Downs Scholarship and Amy Gines, Riverton, the Orpha Faylor Scholarship in Dance.

Izuru Atsumi; Feliciano Gonzales, Tooele; Juan Carlos Claudio, Yaulo, Puerto Rico; Stacy Chadwick, Ogden and Heather March received the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation Scholarships.

Secondary Education - Nancy Puhlmann received the Alumni Professional Achievement Award. Sally M. Ashton, is the Valedictorian and and Outstanding Senior; Outstanding Students in their specialties are Melanie Morris, St. Charles, Idaho; Bill Larsen, Logan; Mary Ann Tingey, Price, and Justin Lillywhite, Honeyville. Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants are Steven Bernhisel, Ft. Bragg, Calif., and Randall Engle, Pocatello, Idaho.

Scholarships were presented. Recipients and awards include: Brian K. Warnick, Lyman, Wyo., and Katherine Diane Townsend, West Jordan, the Eldon and Janice Drake Scholarships, and Tamara Young, Logan, the Ty and Bernice McCowin Academic Scholarship.

Instructional Technology - Milton C. Abrams received the department's Special Recognition Award. Outstanding Graduate is John T. Fox, Upper Marlboro, Md., and Outstanding Student Scholars are Michael N. Allred, Ogden; Rick J. Valdez, Springville; Mark J. Lacy, North Logan; Christopher A. Payne and Marilyn B. Jensen, Logan.

Special Education - Brooke Richards, St. Anthony, Idaho, Valedictorian; Jill Rae Reed, Bountiful, Outstanding Scholar.

Outstanding Students in their specialties are Sarah Combs, Provo; Melanie Gomm, Salmon, Idaho; Nannette Barnes, American Fork, and Troy Justesen.

Raemi Vavao, Vancouver, B.C., received the Matthew David Hillyard Endowment Scholarship Scholarship; Jennifer Sparrow, Universal City, Texas, received the Joseph Steven Meyrick Memorial Scholarship and Jill Morgan, Swansea, Wales, U.K., received the School of Graduate Studies Presidential Fellowship.