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The size of the national debt is so massive that it cripples our economy and will soon place the American people into financial bondage.

Decaying morals are creating a society of divorce, sodomy, immorality, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse, where the only concern is personal gratification.The criminal system has become totally ineffective in providing swift and certain punishment to violent members of our society.

Evil and powerful people have united with good-intentioned followers in an attempt to seize global power through a one-world government.

Our Second Amendment rights are being attacked through an effective media campaign, moving us closer to an unarmed citizenry.

An organized and systematic attack upon Christianity and religious practice is sweeping through America with the help of unbridled agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the DEA and the FBI.

The nation is under condemnation because of the daily slaughter of thousands of innocent unborn children.

Most Americans are almost completely ignorant of our noble Constitution, the government, how it works, its history and what is required of each citizen to preserve freedom and liberty.

Americans have become lazy and have embraced a socialist attitude toward basic personal responsibilities such as housing, food, medical care, employment, child rearing, property rights and social engineering.

The American public is an audience of voyeurs, following the news media's sensationalized stories about mankind's darkest exploits. The question is: Do you care?

Richard Harkness