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Dear Do-It Man: Last November I agreed to pay $94.95 to American Software International of Phoenix for membership in a software buying service. I was to receive bonus items. They were a free certificate for a camera and 100 rolls of film, a free membership certificate to Grocery Savers of America, a free certificate for 50 percent hotel discounts and six free round-trip air fare vouchers.

The paperwork was slow to follow but when I did receive it I wrote another check, this one for $22.85, for the "free" bonus items of 100 rolls of film, the membership certificate to Grocery Savers of America, and the membership certificate for the Great American Travel hotel discount program.I have not received the film and when I tried to use the hotel discount on my honeymoon, I was quoted prices that were so expensive that I didn't bother.

I have not received the "free travel vouchers" but did get a W.W. Vacation Adventure Package Reservation Request Form that necessitated I pay $39.95. I made out the check but didn't send it because my fiance was suspicious and suggested I wait.

I contend the company cannot say it is providing "free" travel vouchers yet ask for additional money. I would like the vouchers and the 100 rolls of film or my money back.

- B.C., Salt Lake City.

Dear B.C.: You might want to send a complaint to the Arizona Attorney General's Consumer Information Center, 1275 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

American Software International has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix. The company has not responded to recent complaints referred to it by the BBB.

According to the BBB, one consumer reported that ASI would not accept a cashier's check or a money order but insisted she divulge her credit card number.

The BBB has received complaints about the company alleging non-delivery of airline vouchers and member benefit packages and rude treatment by the company's phone operators.

Consumers who receive the company's recorded telephone message reportedly must call back within 30 minutes to receive the free airline vouchers.

ASI's vacation packages are reportedly supplied by Worldwide Tour & Travel Inc. in Wilmington, Del. The BBB there has no report on Worldwide Tour & Travel.