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On May 30, I traveled the Pony Express Trail from Fairfield to Wendover with friends.

The trail trip took seven hours; we are glad we did it. However, we were gravely disappointed. The disregard of some visitors for the historical interest of the trail was evident in the multitude of bullet holes in the markers and interpretative signs that were erected along the trail.Half of the round bronze Pony Express plaques and the rectangular bronze descriptions of the Pony Express Stations had been ripped from the markers; the large stone markers were themselves pockmarked with bullet holes; and some of the stones had even been wrenched from the markers - they were in sorry shape. When I called the Pony Express Association to report what we'd seen, I was told that the bronze plaques have been missing for many years and have been too expensive to replace.

What an embarrassment to the memory of this heroic enterprise. We were offended that any Utahn or visitor to Utah would be so irresponsible as to deface these monuments for future visitors in the interest of the thrill of their moment at the sites.

Susy Carter

Salt Lake City