A 62-year-old Italian apparently became the world's oldest woman to give birth Monday.

Rosanna Della Corte gave birth to a boy by Caesarean section, said the office of Severino Antinori, a gynecologist whose Italian clinic arranged the artificial insemination of the woman with her husband's sperm and a donor's egg.Both mother and child were well, the office said.

It was Antinori's clinic where a British woman was impregnated and gave birth at age 59 to twins last Christmas. At the time, that woman was considered the oldest on record to have a child.

Della Corte has said she was desperate to have a child after her teenage son, Riccardo, was killed in a car crash.

The clinic declined to say what the baby's name was, but RAI state television reported he was named Riccardo.

Past menopause, Della Corte had hormone treatments to enable her to carry out the pregnancy.

She and her husband live in a small town, Canino, north of Rome. The baby was delivered in a Rome hospital, which was not identified by Antinori's office.