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About a year ago in the Sandy neighborhood a-round 8300 South and 2000 East there were several cases of pets being poisoned. As a result of meetings with many of the neighbors, the Sandy Division of Animal Control distributed a letter, via local Boy Scout troops, regarding the seriousness of these offenses. Several months went by without any more problems but unfortunately more cases have been reported in the last few weeks.

For whatever reason these acts were perpetrated, they have created a very dangerous situation, not only for pets but for neighborhood children as well. I can understand why someone might become disturbed or upset by the incessant barking of dogs or by cats scattering garbage, but resorting to throwing poisoned meatballs into neighborhood yards goes far beyond my comprehension. Citizens have a responsibility to report such cases, and we have been assured that they will be properly investigated, handled and prosecuted.Out of common courtesy, every pet owner should know the local regulations regarding pets, and in the spirit of being a good neighbor, should strive to follow them. However, no citizen has the right to take the law into his own hands and resort to the heinous and potentially dangerous acts that have taken place in our neighborhood.

If there is someone in our neighborhood with such a terrible dislike for pets, please, please don't endanger our children again. Before attempting to destroy another pet, think of the possible consequences if an innocent child were to pick up the poison and ingest it.

Steve Jackson