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Government action

West Point

In its July 26 meeting, the City Council:

- Awarded a bid for the city's 10-inch culinary water line installation on 300 North to Craig Sorensen Construction for $212,728, the lowest of nine bids.

- Granted final approval to Frew Estates, phase six, 13 lots at 2000 West and 350 North.

- Approved a rezone application for Duane Montgomery and set a public hearing for Tuesday, Aug. 23, 6 p.m. to consider the change from agricultural to residential for six new homes.

- Received a report on the city's Fourth of July celebration. All events, except the baby contest, paid their way.

- Presented a certificate of recognition to Barbara Langston for her work as July Fourth celebration chairperson.

- Denied a rezone request by Richard Nielson at 700 N. 2000 West because of a wetlands on the property.

- Tabled approval for Merrill Thurgood, a one-lot subdivision, and referred the matter to the Aug. 4 Planning Commission meeting.

- Received a banner from Davis County advertising the county fair. Agreed to post it in front of City Hall.


In its July 26 meeting, the City Council:

- Appointed one new primary member, Robert Rush, to the board of adjustments. Also appointed two alternates - Brad Elton and Bob Dockstader.

- Approved a contract with Smith Capital Markets, a division of Zions First National Bank, for approximately $17,000 to provide work associated with the general obligation bonding process for a new city recreation complex.

- Approved the vacation of Lisa Street in accordance with the city's master plan.

- Tabled renaming 200 East to Lakeview Heights until the next council meeting.

- Authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with UDOT for a $21,000 sidewalk installation project for 300 North, from 1250 West to 1450 West, near Holt Elementary School. The city will contribute $7,000 and UDOT $14,000. This will complete the sidewalk on the south side of 300 North from the city boundaries to the school.

- Awarded a $12,895 bid to Alpine Paving and Construction for street improvements on 500 East, from 200 South to 250 South.

- Set a public hearing for Tuesday, Aug. 9, 7:30 p.m., to rezone 15 acres owned by Larry Taylor from commercial to residential to accommodate 10 new apartment buildings.

- Approved a city employees incentive program.

- Tabled making a reappointment to the board of appeals until the Aug. 9 meeting.

Davis County

The County Commission, at its July 20 meeting:

- Approved an improvement agreement for the Hooper subdivision located at 2239 N. 4500 West.

- Approved a continued police service contract for West Point with a 3 percent increase.

- Agreed to continue the contract with the U.S. Forest Service for the County Sheriff's Department to patrol parts of the Wasatch National forest within Davis County.


In its July 21 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing but tabled a decision on amending Cottonwood subdivision, phase 6, 2743 E. 1525 North.

- Held a public hearing and rezoned 10 acres at 2700 N. U.S. 89 from R-S to R-1-10 to allow for an approximate 21-lot subdivision by U.S. Development Corp., instead of the 16 lots the current zoning would allow.

- Approved a 100-year flood easement for lot four, Willow Wood subdivision, 957 E. 250 South.

- Granted preliminary approval to Cottonwood subdivision, phase eight, 14 lots at 2700 E. 1525 North.

- Granted final approval to Rosewood subdivision, 21 lots, 755 East Rosewood Lane.

- Granted preliminary approval to the 16th at Sunn Hills subdivision, six lots at 1000 E. 3400 North and approved a three-lot adjustment for the Eastridge subdivision. Both developments are in the Hill AFB flight zone.

- Awarded a bid of $359,107 to Gibbons and Reed Construction for the new half-mile-long 1000 West road, between the northwest end of the Layton Hills Mall and Antelope Drive.

- Approved a settlement agreement between the city and the Oaks at Mutton Hollow Homeowners Association. The private subdivision will still be responsible for its roads, but the city will own the underground utilities. No sidewalks are required in the subdivision, unless it becomes public.

- Approved the annual indigent defense services agreement and voted to retain Bruce Larsen, the current attorney on a $150 a case payment or about $6,600 a year. the city is required to provide a public defender for those who violate city ordinances.