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Athletic conference commissioners may be considering a plan in which two bowls could split a bid, allowing for four Tier 1 bowls in the alliance, according to a published report.

Sources close to the NCAA Division IA commissioners told The Dallas Morning News in today's editions that commissioners still were considering which bowls will begin play in the exclusive three-bowl lineup after the 1995 season. Commissioners heard bid proposals from nine bowls Thursday, but said Friday they needed another week to make a decision on the three winners.But a consideration by the commissioners this week, because the bids are so close financially, would be to allow two bowls to split a bid and alternate years in which they were in Tier 1, The News reported.

The commissioners are expected to make an announcement by Friday.

Dallas City Councilman Glenn Box, a member of the Cotton Bowl's alliance committee, said he believes the commissioners are considering seriously the Fiesta, Gator, Sugar, Orange and Cotton bowls.

Sources told the newspaper that there is a "geographical preference" against having two bowls - the Fiesta and Cotton - in the West in a single year. By alternating them, there would never be more than one in the West per year.

That there are only two bowls in the West bidding could mean the Fiesta and Cotton could join in such an arrangement or perhaps the Orange and Gator in the East, because of the consideration of having too many bowls in Florida in a single year.

Another consideration will be whether to have all of the bowls on one network, CBS, shutting out ABC and NBC.

If the commissioners elected for a network sweep, which could be more lucrative, it would be the Gator, Orange and Fiesta, all part of a $300 million CBS bid.