The California Institute of the Arts and the Herb Alpert Foundation have instituted "The Alpert Award in the Arts," which will provide annual fellowships of $50,000 each to five artists working in the fields of dance, theater, music, film-video and the visual arts.

The nationwide search for the first five Alpert fellows is being conducted by anonymous nominators - the organizers say they will be looking for individuals "who have demonstrated both exceptional talent and commitment toward their craft and who, as emerging artists, have not yet received national recognition."The first awards will be announced in the spring of 1995 in conjunction with the institute's 25th anniversary.

"I hope the awards will provide the recognition, support and even a bit more confidence for the artists who receive them," said musician-composer Herb Alpert. The nonprofit, private foundation, established in the early 1980s, makes contributions to a range of programs in the fields of education, environment and the arts.