I raise my voice to say enough is enough and call for the American citizenry to wake up and call for a citizens day.

With spiraling prices every where around us, news of starving and oppressed people in various parts of the world and the news of social injustice swept under the rug, it is far beyond the time for citizens to call for a halt.I doubt there is a baseball fan, the entire world over, who will defend the outrageously high price of a ticket to watch a child's game. Baseball players who claim a love of the game refuse to play because they are only making a reported average of $1.2 million a year. No one deserves that kind of salary, I don't care what they do.

I have a suggestion. On Aug. 12, can all the baseball players who go on strike. Let them discover what it is to work for a living. The government canned all the air traffic controllers who went on strike. The grounds of precedent are established.

J.W. Haggard