TV detective Kojak used to ask, "Who loves you, baby?" Disclosure forms answer that about Utah congressional candidates by showing what groups give them money.

So whom do labor unions love? Any Democrat. No Republicans.They love Rep. Karen Shepherd, D-Utah, the most - giving her $82,125 so far, or 17 percent of all she has raised. Senate candidate Pat Shea received $73,971 from them - 44 percent of his total.

Democratic 1st House District candidate Bobbie Coray received $29,000 from unions, or 23 percent of her total. Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, received the least of the Democrats from unions - but that was still $22,700, or 13 percent of the money he raised.

Whom do special-interest political action committees love? Any incumbent, and few challengers. PACs are most interested in investing with people who already have power.

For example, Orton received 83 percent of his money - $144,582 from PACs. His opponent, Republican Dixie Thompson, has received only $2,000 from PACs - 72 times less.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, has received 46 percent of his money - $931,526 - from PACs, or 10 times as much as the $84,500 Shea raised from them, and five times as much as Shea's campaign has raised from all sources.

Most of that came from groups interested in Hatch's committee assignments. For example, health industry groups gave him $121,117 this year - and Hatch sits on two committees overseeing health-care reform.

Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, received 54 percent of his money - $80,051 - from PACs. That includes $19,600 from defense industry PACs likely interested in his role on the House Armed Services Committee. Challenger Coray had $39,600 from PACs, and as noted, the lion's share of that came from labor unions.

Shepherd received a third of her money - $163,423 - from PACs. Among that was $37,070 from transportation PACs likely interested in her work on the House Public Works and Transportation Committee.

Her opponents received far less. Republican Enid Greene Waldholtz received $17,450 - or nine times less than Shepherd. Independent Merrill Cook received nothing from PACs.

Whom do pro-choice groups love? Shepherd. She received $73,165 funneled through them so far, or 15 percent of all she raised. Such groups also gave $1,000 to Coray.

Whom do pro-life groups love? Hatch received $3,000 - which isn't much, but is about as much as any candidate nationwide receives from such groups (even though Shea is also pro-choice). Waldholtz received $2,500. And Orton received $500 - which is somewhat unusual for a Democrat.

Whom do gun-control groups love? Shepherd. She received $1,000 from Handgun Control Inc.

Whom do guns rights groups love? Waldholtz. She received $4,950 from the National Rifle Association Institute PAC.

Whom do Republicans in Pennsylvania love? Wald-holtz. She received $23,800 from them. Her new husband was a party leader there.

And who is having a hard time finding enough other people to love them with their money? All challengers, who are dumping in a lot of their own money.

Cook, for example, paid out of his own pocket $125,000 of the $133,781 his campaign has raised so far - or 93 percent. And $2,000 of the rest came from his parents.

Waldholtz has sunk $178,403 in donations and loans from her own pocket. Coray spent $8,486. Thompson spent $8,200. Shea spent $1,267.

No incumbent has spent anything on themselves. They didn't have to. Too many others were showing how much they love them.