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In a desire to be fair to Rep. Karen Shepherd, I apologize for my unintentional error in saying she did not vote against allowing HIV-positive immigrants into America and that she did not vote against government-sanctioned homosexual marriages (Forum, July 28). In those two instances she did vote with her Utah colleagues in the House.

However, in the other 11 issues I mentioned in my earlier letter, she was completely out of step with her Utah colleagues, and, in my opinion, with most of her constituents here in Utah.I am happy she is not a "blind follower" of the president, since she only voted for 79 percent of his proposals, as stated by Michael Thomas in his rebuttal to my letter (Forum, Aug. 4). I suspect Clinton would be glad to have all his Democrats support him 79 percent on all of his radical proposals.

Also, I thank him for calling me a "right-winger." To me that is a compliment as it puts me at a great distance politically and philosophically from the Clintons, Kennedys, Feinsteins, Liebermans, Rosten-kow-skis, Fazios, Inouyes, Dellums, Schroeders, Shalalas, Joycelyn Elders and the rest of those "left-wingers."

It is still my hope that all of her constituents will carefully scrutinize her voting record and compare it with how they feel on the very critical issues that are coming up in Congress in the Clinton administration. I compliment her on the cost-cutting she has supported and hope she will continue in that vein.

Wayne Hansen