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Here's a quick overview on three of Lagoon's jam-packed lineup of family entertainment, based on a recent weekday visit.

- ON THE RADIO is an incredibly fast-paced musical revue in the Music USA amphitheater.There are 10 very talented young singers and dancers in the ensemble - and, due to the way they're rotated to provide days off - there are eight performing each night. Four men and four women.

With nary a letup, they go through dozens of hit songs from the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s and the '90s. As if the upbeat choreography isn't physically draining enough, there are also a kazillion costume changes - all done at a frenzied pace that would have most people breathlessly panting.

Not these young folks.

There must be some battery packs hidden somewhere off stage to recharge themselves every time they make a quick exit.

My mother-in-law leaned over during one number and asked if the performers were lip-syncing. I assured her that while the orchestrations were on tape, all the voices - strong and clear for the entire 45 minutes - were "live."

I won't single out particular soloists - because even the various solos change hands from night to night, depending on who is taking a breather that day. Suffice it to say, the entire ensemble could put any troupe from Nashville to Las Vegas to shame.

Everything from early, classic rock 'n' roll to such contemporary hits as Billy Joel's "River of Dreams" are belted, crooned, sung and danced by a company that is packed with exceptional talent.

And, in case you don't notice, there are no "portly" types in the Music USA troupe. If you kept up the same pace they do night after night, you'd be in shape, too.

- THE WILD WEST SHOW in Pioneer Village has roared into the 1994 season with an emphasis on fun and frolic instead of gunplay.

Sure, a few bullets still fly and the sheriff still contends with a couple of bad guys, but there's no shoot-to-kill mayhem this year.

There's plenty of down-home music, including tunes from "Shenandoah," and some high-kicking dancing by them purty saloon gals and their rambunctious friends.

And, as an extra treat, the Wild West Show includes the country comedy of Joyce Rice and Rhonda Renee, a mother-daughter duo who've been featured at Opryland, on national television (just recently on Jay Leno's "Tonight" Show) and dozens of state fairs and rodeos.

Rice, the mom, does some mighty fancy rope-spinnin' and whip-crackin', while Renee focuses on singin' and fiddlin'. Both are quick with snappy one-liners.

- SUMMER RHYTHM is the rock band that entertains crowds in shady, intimate Carousel Stage.

Four singers, backed up by an equally talented combo, go through about 30 minutes worth of pleasant songs, ranging from familiar Disney tunes to soft-rock favorites.

Summer Rhythm has three completely different programs, so you might not hear the same music every time.

There's more entertainment around the park, too - the marching band, the off-the-wall L.A. Goon Band (sort of Sousa Meets Monty Python), the Little Rascals, and a variety of roving muscians, singers and cartoon characters.

Pick up a schedule at the guest services booth and stake out some of Lagoon's entertainment between rides.