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Dik Emitrevo (Forum, Aug. 7) resorts too easily to cheap political innuendo so common today as he tries to strut his stuff for the 3rd District voters by misrepresenting the contributions of both Rep. Bill Orton and President Clinton. He also continues a trend of disappointing Forum writers who use the same simplistic smear tactics instead of trying to conduct a discussion of pertinent political issues. One hardly has to ponder any great length of time on the issue of growing voter apathy when we so frequently have our political candidates and public servants used for nothing but target practice by the Rushophiles of this country.

By reducing Orton to a political cliche, Mr. Emitrevo would have us believe that it wasn't a good idea to be a "Clinton Democrat." Furthermore, we are asked to believe from his shallow arguments that the president is so guilty that it's treasonous to see anything salvageable in him and that because Orton apparently sees something salvageable, he is therefore guilty of some type of treason as well. Mr. Emitrevo's reasoning continues that it would be unfathomable to re-elect such a person.Whether or not Clinton's past actions will bring down his presidency or prevent his re-election is yet to be seen. This country has survived many leaders with far worse shortcomings. Does anyone remember Richard Nixon? Mr. Emitrevo practices all too well the new politics of the '90s - it's a fatal sin to see any good in one's opponents, and you must make them look like either idiots or criminals at every opportunity.

By the November elections, a 3rd District electorate that has sought to become properly informed will be able to decide who represents them based on relevant political issues and not the increasingly tiresome hodgepodge of meaningless political rhetoric that seems to effortlessly gush forth from some writers to this Forum.

John S. Barron

West Jordan