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Mayor Corradini plans to replace all board members for Sugarhouse Park. She claims no new plans to change the park, but "some new ideas couldn't hurt."

Well, new ideas would change the park because since the board was formed, it has been steadfast in its prevention of commercial intervention in our park. The board is protecting our park, and I say let the board stand as it is. It is doing a fine job. Members simply have been obeying a proviso set forth by the Legislature when the board was organized.Perhaps the mayor and her friends should have to spend some time in the park, listening to the fountains and the laughing children. Maybe if the mayor would wander among the trees with her loved ones or watch families happily spend time together, free of commercial distractions, it would help her to get her priorities straight.

Using the property for "public purposes" means no commercialism should be allowed. We have plenty of ball parks, golf courses and recreation centers. Leave our park alone.

Beth Giolas

Salt Lake City