Whenever government takes over private enterprise or services, cost and needs escalate sharply and unendingly.

William F. Buckley Jr. said that prior to Roe vs. Wade, tremendous numbers of illegal abortions were done. As an RN during those years, not only do I doubt how tremendous those numbers were, but I wonder if anyone has considered the number of legal abortions that were done. Before Roe vs. Wade, an abortion could be legally done for the safety and health of the mother-to-be if two doctors said that it was necessary. Mental capability and health were considered as well as physical health.Now that a considerable and vocal number of society condones abortions of convenience, the number of preborn infants destroyed has escalated beyond the dreams of King Herod. To me, this is an impressive example of the government's ability to legislate morals in medicine or society. (Outside of murder, stealing, etc.)

Is it really wise to change medical care funding for 80 percent of the people who have good health coverage in order to care for the 15 percent who do not have good health coverage and care? There must be a better way.

Ruth Medley

Salt Lake City