Dear Abby: I just read the letter from "In Pain in Texas," whose grandfather had tried several times to fondle her.

We have a similar situation in our family. Grandpa fondled and molested every female in our family regardless of her age. The damage that this man has wrought over the years is unbelievable - all because everyone kept quiet "so Grandma wouldn't find out."Stop and think! How could Grandma NOT have known? She knew, all right - she just chose to look the other way.

Keeping this type of family secret quiet is sick, sick, sick! No name or address, please. I am still fighting this nightmare.

- Sick of Secrets

Dear Sick: Keeping this type of family secret quiet is indeed sick. Furthermore, you do your grandfather and those he molested no favor by keeping quiet.

Since you are still fighting the nightmare, a self-help support group is mandatory for you and all the other victims in your family. For information on the nearest group, send a long, stamped (29 cents), self-addressed envelope to: Survivors of Incest Anonymous Inc., P.O. Box 26870, Baltimore, MD 21212.

Dear Abby: In reference to "Not George in Tacoma," who is sick and tired of the negative connotation applied to the name "George": It should do his heart good to know that in the state of Nevada, "Georges" are looked upon as manna from heaven. A "George" in the casino business is the fellow or gal who is a generous tipper and an all-around nice person.

Food servers and casino dealers earn little more than minimum wages, so we cherish our "Georges." So come to Nevada, George. You are definitely one of the good guys here.

- Della the Dealer, Las Vegas

Dear Della: Deal me in - this is news to me. I wonder if George Bush, George Hamilton, George Burns and George C. Scott are aware of this.

Dear Abby: Recently I found myself in two rather awkward situations that go hand in hand, but I didn't have a clue as to how to handle them.

Talking with a young lady I did not know, while waiting in line to pick up our take-out orders, I couldn't help but notice that several buttons on her blouse had accidentally become undone, exposing her bra.

The second situation was at a business meeting. A gentleman I had just been introduced to was obviously unaware that his fly was open.

If the above individuals had been good friends of mine, I would not have hesitated to call their attention to the embarrassing situations.

What would you have done?

- Stumped in Delaware

Dear Stumped: I would have applied the "do unto others" philosophy and quietly called their attention to the unbuttoned and unzipped.

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