Ronal, born Feb. 18, 1987, has finished first grade in a day treatment program where both his emotional and educational needs were met.

Ronal has had two foster placements since the summer of 1992 and was in a residential treatment center between December 1992 and June 1993. Therapy is helping him deal with insecurities and behaviors related to post-traumatic stress disorder. He needs respiratory treatment for asthma and allergies.When he started kindergarten, Ronal was behind others his age in language development and motor skills. His self-help skills were also significantly delayed. Now there is no doubt that Ronal has at least average intelligence and he has nearly caught up academically. He tests his new skills and abilities and is much more confident, particularly when he's working with one person at a time and feels safe.

Parents who have experience providing firm, consistent structure and routines will be most successful with Ronal. He should be the youngest or only child in a strong, two-parent family. Continued individual and family therapy will be important in helping him deal with his emotional issues and make the adjustment into a new home. Ronal has a younger brother with whom he needs to have some contact. Financial assistance may be available.