Bob Bernick's column in the Aug. 6 issue, headed "Races show special-interest clout," suggested that my victory in the recent primary was attributable to endorsement and support from an alleged "special interest group," the Utah Eagle Forum. His assessment was incorrect in several respects.

While I know some members of the Eagle Forum, a few of whom gave some volunteer help, I did not receive the endorsement of, or financial assistance from, that organization. The members I know are not "special interest" people but citizens who think our government has grown too big and intrusive. I got support from at least two educational organizations and some groups opposed to violation of the Second Amendment, but most of my help came from ordinary citizens from all walks of life.I wish to acknowledge with gratitude the encouragement and support of all the good people from both major parties and several other parties who were convinced that I am interested in representing all the people of my district, regardless of party affiliation.

Charles E. "Ted" Bradford

Candidate for state representative, District 20