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Well, it's nice to see Brian Barnard back in the news, braying his heart out; this fellow - who evidently thinks it's perfectly OK for a criminal to grab a gun and waste a bunch of people - has an icky-fit when a Redskins fan gets a license plate that says so.

I am part Indian myself, have had Indian friends all of my life, kept a couple of young Indian men in my home, and firmly believe that they are a very, very special group of people.Not a one of these men and women that I knew in my youth ever believed that they were victims. They went to school, they played on our football, baseball and basketball teams, they went to work with non-Indians, and did everything the white man did. They were Algonquins, Senecas, Mohawks, Iroquois, Blackfoot and of many other tribes. If they were good students, they excelled; if they weren't, they didn't. But their parents never told them that they were discriminated against. That would have been the worst kind of ignominy.

Indian men have always held the title "Brave" in the highest regard, and all the white men I knew did the same. So when it came time to pick a name for a team, the one that was almost always favored was "Brave." If some lucky team had already claimed that appellation, the next chosen was likely to be "Indians" or "Chiefs," or the name of some tribe such as "Mohawks." This, of course, was done to reflect the courage, strength, perseverance and the other admirable attributes that we all associated with Indians.

The only time I ever heard an Indian complain about a name that was chosen was when his tribe's name was not chosen. And this was always done in a spirit of good-natured tribal rivalry.

Indians do not need anyone to look after them and to wet-nurse them; and especially not some prissy white man. (I will not mention the name they assign to the pink people who feel some great need to look out for and watch over people who are perfectly capable of helping themselves.)

But the supercilious snobs - who sincerely believe that these great tribes need their care - will never learn. They will keep on patronizing these very capable people until the insult to their pride becomes too great to endure any longer. Then the fur will fly.

So, BB, just keep degrading The People by your sneering attitude: keep trying to tell them that they are just a bunch of shiftless, ignorant, hapless and helpless nincompoops who cannot do for themselves. Keep adding to your addled vision of yourself as their Great White Father and your day of astonishment will arrive soon.

John Grover