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I'm being entertained by the tone of some of the letters you receive and also by the propaganda being spewed by the Pat Shea campaign concerning Sen. Orrin Hatch.

First of all, way back in 1976, when Orrin was a political unknown and won the Senate seat from Frank Moss, the big complaint was that Orrin was from Pittsburgh and was not from Utah. To dispel that myth, Orrin's roots here in Utah run as deep or deeper than most people now living here. His roots go clear back to Nauvoo and beyond. Orrin's great-grandmother Louisa Poole Alexander Hatch was buried in Smithfield, Utah, during the 1860s. Her husband, Jeremiah Hatch, is buried in Vernal. Pretty deep roots, don't you think? (No pun intended.)As for the argument that 18 years is too long (the same argument he used in running against Moss), Moss did not get beaten because he was running for a fourth term in office. Moss got beat because he didn't represent the values and beliefs of a majority of Utah voters. He was out of touch. His being a pawn of the Democratic leaders in the Senate was what got him beaten, along with Utah's voting majority finally realizing that they were conservative and it was OK to vote as such.

Eighteen years too long? Not when you represent Utah so well.

The old, tired, worn-out argument that Orrin is out of touch is nonsense. Anyone who has been able to sit down and listen to Orrin speak or talk to him in person knows of his love for our state and its people. It is a great tribute to the people of Utah that our senator has the influence that he has in Washington. When a sitting Democrat in the White House listens to the Republican senior Senator from Utah concerning Supreme Court nominations, it is right for Orrin to be there and to send him back.

Pat Shea will not have that kind (or any kind) of influence as a senator (especially if the Republicans take control of the Senate this year).

If people want to believe the lies and mistruths that will come from the Democrats concerning Orrin Hatch, then you deserve what you get (just look at Clinton).

Mike Rosenhan