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The city nearest to Antelope Island, one of the most popular state parks these days, is Syracuse, and the city's historical commission has published a new publication on the Great Salt Lake's largest island.

"Antelope Island" is a 38-page pamphlet published earlier this summer. Not only is the work the most up-to-date source about the island, but it may also comprise the best condensed history ever written about the landmark.Clayton Holt, the booklet's author and chairman of the Syracuse Historical Commission, said it has been selling well. In fact, he expects all 1,000 first-edition copies to be sold out soon.

The booklet has sold exceptionally well during the special Utah Parks excursions to the Garr Ranch this summer. The ranch house there is the state's oldest residence that has remained at its original location.

Holt hopes to print a second edition of the booklet in the near future. The booklet will also be a part of the city's new, 600-page overall history book, to be available by Dec. 1.

There are numerous black and white photographs in the booklet, which has a color cover. It outlines the history of the island from its discovery to today's new 7.5-mile causeway leading to the Antelope Island. It also contains several maps and 52 footnotes.

"You can't write the city's history without including Antelope Island," Holt said.

The commission has also been active on the island and has erected two pioneer monuments on the island in the past several years. These are also outlined in the booklet.

The book costs $3.50 and all proceeds go to the historical commission. In addition to planning centennial events, the commission also hopes to have a future city museum, a clock tower and park near he new municipal complex.