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Michael A. Dunn, the Park City man who was mauled by a huge bear while jogging Sunday in Grand Teton National Park, was in stable condition Wednesday at St. John's Hospital in Jackson, Wyo.

"He's doing really well and is well on the road to recovery," a nurse said Wednesday.Dunn, 36, who underwent surgery Tuesday afternoon for a second time since the attack, told the Deseret News he hoped to be able to return home about Saturday.

Linda Olson, public information officer for the park, said the north end of Emma Matilda Lake Trail, where the attack occurred, and the surrounding area were closed Monday to visitors for 48 hours. Park rangers were to check the area Wednesday afternoon to determine if additional closure time is needed, she said.

"We are looking at things like the number of bears we might see and particularly food sources. Berries are very plentiful in the park right now," Olson said, noting that the bear that attacked Dunn was apparently eating in a patch of berries when surprised by the jogger.

Park personnel have said bears can be dangerous if encountered when eating, if surprised or when they are with their young. Hikers and joggers are cautioned to make a lot of noise as they move through bear country.

The incident involving Dunn was "one of those unfortunate surprise encounters," Olson said, referring to ranger reports on the accident.

"Being alone in bear country (can be risky), particularly in grizzly country," Olson said.

She said park rangers will not take any action against the bear, which park officials learned from lab tests was definitely a grizzly.

"We believe the bear's behavior was consistent with all bear behavior in this type of situation. Essentially, the bear was surprised and unintentionally provoked into defensive behavior," Olson said.