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I can certainly understand how Caller ID can be a useful service to many people. However, individuals subscribing to this service should be aware that not all calls marked "anonymous call" are unwanted calls. It could be your doctor calling.

Doctors most often have unlisted home phone numbers, otherwise they would be constantly called at home by patients. Doctors are, however, paged by their answering services at all hours of the day and night. They frequently return these calls to patients from their home phones. If physicians did not utilize line blocking of their private phones, they would be advertising their home phone number every time they returned a pat-ient's phone call.Other professionals may have similar situations where it would be inadvisable to freely give out their home phone numbers. So, to John B. Call (Readers' Forum, Aug.7) and others like him who won't answer an "anonymous call," either don't bother your doctor after hours, or don't complain if your doctor doesn't return your call. He or she probably did, but you didn't answer.

S. Johnson

Salt Lake City