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I am really excited about the possibility that my employer can have the privilege of paying 80 percent of my health costs. After all, health care is a "right." And with the U.S. government administering the program it will be fair to all, meaning my pro-life employer can even pay for abortions.

Fortunately, I am forward-looking. Another "right" would be nourishing meals. My employer should also pay 80 percent of my food bills. I like steak. If he thinks he cannot afford my tastes, let him eat cake. And I also worry about the homeless. Employers should be made to pay 80 percent of all mortgages (a five-bedroom home with a pool and a view would be nice, and right). And what about 80 percent of my entertainment costs? I have a right to have fun. My pious employer should not care about me seeing NR-17 movies (it's my choice). Utilities, cars, boats, schooling, televisions, etc., should all be paid 80 percent by the employer.My freedom is greatly eroded by having to show up to work so often. My employer should also give me 80 percent of the time off so I could have meaningful vacations (e.g., 80 percent of my trip to Europe paid by the employer). And with my regular income no longer encumbered by housing, food, automobiles, etc., and my time freed up, I could fly to Washington and lobby to have the government get my greedy, capitalistic employer to pay for 100 percent of everything. And a raise, which is another inalienable right.

So what that the government might end up being the only employer left that could "afford" all my "rights" (life, liberty and especially the pursuit of happiness)? That type of government has proven very successful in the Soviet Union, hasn't it?

David R. Taylor