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Aldrich Ames, the CIA officer who spied for Moscow, is now serving his life sentence at a federal penitentiary in Pennsylvania as planned, but his wife's sentencing may be postponed to pressure her husband into further disclosures.

Ames, a veteran of 31 years in the CIA, was transferred Aug. 11 to the new high-security U.S. penitentiary at Allenwood, Pa., Bureau of Prisons spokesman Dan Dunne said Thursday.Since his guilty plea last April, Ames had been held in the Alexandria, Va., Jail so he could be easily interrogated by the FBI and CIA.

Ames agreed with prosecutors to tell all he did in nine years of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia, so that his wife, Rosario, would be sentenced to only 63 to 72 months in prison for helping him.

With time off for good behavior, she could be released in 41/2 years to resume caring for their son, Paul, now 5 and living with her mother in Colombia.

Her sentencing is set for Aug. 26, but her lawyer, William Cummings, said Thursday "there has been some talk about postponing her sentencing four or five weeks to push or pressure him a little harder - sort of like extending a United Way campaign to reach the top."

Justice Department spokesman John Russell said, "Ames' debriefing has gone satisfactorily" and any decision to postpone her sentencing would not be made until a few days before Aug. 26.

Russell said the debriefing of Ames would continue at Allen-wood. A federal official, who requested anonymity, said the FBI has completed its questioning of Ames but left open the possibility CIA officials have more questions.

Cummings said some officials "are not quite satisfied" with Ames' disclosures so far.

"To try to quantify the feeling they are expressing, if 100 percent were perfect, he might be scoring 85 percent, and 87 percent is passing," Cummings said.