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Lois Hirschi believes that people need to serve others in return for the privilege of occupying space on Earth.

She had intended to offer her services to her community as a candidate with the Jordan School Board of Education from Precinct 2 in Sandy.Hirschi has withdrawn as a school board candidate. Instead, she and her husband, Harvey, will serve in an area thousands of miles away. They will serve a non-proselyting, service assignment in Kiev in the Ukraine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, beginning in October.

"Whether you serve on a school board, as a volunteer in a hospital or on a service mission in a foreign country, I feel strongly that everyone owes something to the world. It's important to give to others," she said.

Her opponent, Ellen Wallace, will run unopposed for the four-year term. Wallace has served as the PTA president of Jordan High School and been involved on various committees as a volunteer in the district.

While a write-in vote is legally an option, there has been no indication that a write-in campaign is under way, according to Superintendent Raymond Whittenburg.

Linda Neff is the incumbent board member from Precinct 2. She is completing her second four-year term as the president of the Jordan Board of Education. Neff decided not to run for re-election.

Hirschi will use her 18 years of experience in day care to help the women and children in the Ukraine. The Hirschis own a day care center in Sandy.

"I'm excited about the challenges ahead," she said. "I have a commitment to helping children. It will be interesting to compare their philosophies of rearing children with my experiences in Utah."

She'll communicate with the people through an interpreter.

Hirschi served for nearly 10 years in the '70s as the first woman ever elected to the Jordan school board. She was running for election in November because she believes "there are a lot of exciting things happening in then Jordan District."

Particularly, she wanted to influence the appointment of the next superintendent when Whittenburg retires. "Whittenburg is doing a superb job leading the district. He's sincere, personable and very qualified for his position. I hope the board chooses an educator from within Utah of his same quality to take his place. I'm a great believer in promoting from within the system."

The Hirschis have three children and nine grandchildren who have all attended Jordan schools.