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The KSL team of Grant Nielsen and Amanda Dickson have the largest morning radio audience among listeners ages 35 and up, the most recent Arbitron ratings reveal. The AM-1160 morning duo captures 15 percent of that radio group.

Here are the morning drive-time Arbitron ratings listeners over age 35 for Monday through Friday, 6-10 a.m.:1. KSL, Grant Nielsen and Amanda Dickson (15 percent audience share); 2. KSFI, Scott MacNeil and Peggy Ijams (11.8); 3. KSOP, "Country Joe" Flint (9.2); 4. KALL-AM, Tom Barberi and Dawn Kennally (6.9); 5. KDYL, Danny Kramer and Mark Van Wagoner (5.8); 6. KODJ, Gaylen Palmer (4.8); 7. KKAT, Gary Zane and Scott Christopher (4.6); 8. KLZX, Jon Carter and Dan Bammes (4.6); 9. KISN-FM, Scott Fisher and Todd Collard (4.2); 10. KBZN, Chere Wood (3.3); 11. (tie) KRSP, Andrew Peters, and KISN-AM, Chris Tunis (2.9); 13. KVRI, Brian Casey, Mick Mackay and Rebecca Marshall (2.5); 14. KBER, Allen Handy and Mick Martin (1.4); 15. KFAM, Howard Bogarte (1.2); 16. KRGQ, Steve Hatch and Joe Jackson (1.1); 17. (tie) KMXB, Tom Bock and Robin Morales, and KZHT, Mike Stocker and Mike Slater (0.9); 19. (tie) KSOS, Bruce Chandler, and KUMT, Hans Petersen (0.8).

What these ratings translate to for listeners 35 and older are: KSL has an average audience of 17,500 people listening at any one time and a total of 105,000 listeners each morning; KSFI has 13,700 and 75,300; KSOP has 10,700 and 52,600, and KALL has 8,000 and 32,600.

(Note: Several stations listed above have changed DJs since last spring. Only the current morning host is listed.)

- MORE RATINGS - A few weeks ago the radio ratings were listed for the age 12 and older listeners and the group ages 18-34. As a followup, here are the age 25-54 ratings for last spring, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI (11.4 percent share); 2. KSOP (10.0); 3. KKAT (8.6); 4. KRSP (5.9); 5. (tie) KISN-FM and KLZX (5.6); 7. KODJ (4.9); 8. KSL (4.8); 9. KXRK (3.9); 10. KBZN (3.6).

- KBER (FM-101.1) has another new morning personality, the third in five months. Mick Martin is the new half of the weekday morning team (5:30-10) with Allen Handy. He replaces Michael Hayes and started work Aug. 16.

Hayes left to pursue other broadcast-related career opportunities. He said he left the station willingly and wishes the new morning team the best of luck.

Martin has 15 years of broadcasting experience and one of those great, commanding radio voices. He previously worked at KLZX. He also spent seven years at KRSP and worked in the Los Angeles radio market.

Handy and Martin plan on coming up with a new name for their show, and while they plan on developing new features, they will likely retain many of those from the former show, including the live bands on Fridays, Chin-Wa, etc.

- KWJJ CORRECTION - It was incorrectly reported here two weeks ago that Bajamair Broadcasting is currently operating this FM-106.5 country station on a lease-mangement agreement. Michael Kelly, station general manager, has a lease management agreement with Street Stryder, station owner, to operate it. Bajamir is, however, working with the FCC to eventually purchase KWJJ.

- KUER (FM-90.1) - Gene Pack, program director and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. host, recently suffered a heart attack. He's in satisfactory condition, recovering from surgery, but is expected to return to work within about six weeks. Rachel Varat-Navarro will fill in for Pack during the interim.

- RADIO STUNTS - "Jon and Dan" on KLZX (alias "Z-93," FM) pulled off the week's weirdest gag, while "Good Guys" Gary and Scotty on KKAT (FM-101.9) primed up for their own strange feat next week.

On Tuesday, Jon Carter and Dam Bammes dropped jelly doughnuts from the roof of their studio on Bearcat Drive as about a dozen listeners tried to catch them in their mouths.

"No one could do it," Bammes said.

Aug. 16 was the 17th anniversary of Elvis' death and the DJs wanted to recognize him by using one of his favorite foods in a stunt. They gave away Elvis memorabilia to participants.

- Meanwhile, KKAT's morning team, fresh off a train-hopping stunt last week, will participate in the third annual "A Wash for a Wish" Monday, Aug. 22, at Buff-N-Puffs Car Wash, 6500 S. State.

They will broadcast live from the site, 5:30-10 a.m., and their producer, Rick Shane, will wear a helmet and goggles and go through the car wash himself every 10th car. The event benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

- KCNR (AM-1320) - Dan Bammes, half of the "Jon and Dan" KLZX team, is doing a weekly talk show, "The Rational Habit," on sister station KCNR, airing Sundays from 3-5 p.m. The show is named after a graduate course at the University of Utah.

What's unusual about the show that premiered in May, is Bammes' 15-year-old daughter, Summer, is the show's producer.

Bammes describes the show as more of a public affairs program than a regular talk show. It has a weekly guest. The Aug. 20 guest will be Albert Peck of Sunstone. The show also accepts listener call-ins.

Summer is a member of the newspaper staff at East High School, and her father believes she may someday be ready for on-air radio work, too.

- KBZN (alias "The Breeze," FM-97.9) will feature Cypher 7 on its Sunday, Aug. 21 "Musical Starstreams" show (8-10 a.m.). Later in the day (7 p.m.-midnight), Richard and Lynn Smith will be the guests on the "Jazz Trax" show.

- Here's a schedule for the coming week's "10 O'Clock CD" show: Monday, Aug. 22: a new album presentation; Tuesday, Aug. 23: "Cristofori's Dream," by David Lanz; Wednesday, Aug. 24: "Stronger than Pride," by Sade; Thursday, Aug. 25: "Monterey Nights," by John Tesh; Friday, Aug. 26: "Silhouette," by Kenny G.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - Hans Petersen of KUMT will be the host of the Franklin Quest Draw Party, Monday, Aug. 22, 6:30 p.m. at the University Park Hotel. Also on Aug. 22, Hans will interview the Fox News director about the Channel 13 news expansion to one hour . . .

"The Wakeup Club" on KVRI offers a new contest, "Old People's Trivia" . . . "Jon and Dan" on KLZX asked listeners how they relaxed Monday and also discussed Crisco Oil. On Tuesday, they were commemorating the death date of Elvis with all kind of special events. Jon was out of town later in the week . . .

The main slogan on KSFI is "Utah's home for continuous soft hit music" . . . "Scotty" of "Gary and Scotty" on KKAT was on vacation earlier in the week. The station offers traffic and weather updates every 10 minutes during morning drive, and Tuesday will be Elvis day on the show . . .

KXRK is a sponsor of the annual Octoberfest at Snowbird next month. DJs will make appearances there every Saturday starting Sept. 3. Monday was a "Mr. Manly" day for Kerry and Bill on "X-96" . . .

KISN-FM gave away another trip to Hawaii Friday, worth $5,000. "Fisher and Todd" keep checking in with a man from Rose Park who is running five to seven miles a day in hopes of fathering a female child. One study claims that if a man runs that much he has a 70 percent chance of of producing a baby girl. On Tuesday, they asked listeners about bad things their dogs do and had a dog trainer as a guest on the show. The DJs were scheduled for vacation at the end of the week, with Dain Craig filling in . . .

Charmaine got one of three questions right on Monday's "Flash or Trash" on KMXB with Tom Bock and Robin Morales . . . Helmut Von Schmidt filled in for the vacationing KBER morning team earlier this week. On Tuesday, the premiere day for Handy with Martin, the DJs talked about wanting a well-endowed woman to do their weather reports and the upcoming "Buns" contest . . . Mark Van Wagoner, KDYL morning co-host, is also the new weekend weather on Fox News. He sounds pretty good and seems to talk faster than other TV weathermen . . . Since hot temperatures have been so common this summer, Len Allen of KLO has been providing a lengthy list of national temperatures most mornings . . . "Mike and Mike" on KZHT accepted listener jokes Tuesday and also had another of their strange tales - this one on an old home for vampires. "Better for you than buttered popcorn at the movies and cheaper, too" is one of the DJs' current slogans.

Tom Barberi on KALL-AM provided a preview of University of Utah football Monday. The station is gearing up for Ute football coverage, in which Bill Marcroft, Barberi, Dawn Kennally and Bob Hendricks will broadcast live from traditional tailgate parties. Live interviews from teams, players and fans are also planned. The hot topic on Barberi's show this week was Summit County judge David Young and his rulings of late.