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The Goodwill Games continue to be hit by organizational problems.

The short track speedskating competition had to be pushed back by six hours today because the ice at the Yubileiny Palace of Sports wasn't ready.Goodwill Games president Jack Kelly said the delay would cure and thicken the ice surface.

There were indications that a further delay might be needed, possibly overnight.

Kelly said the delay in making the ice stemmed from the hot weather, with temperatures in the 90s and a power outage Sunday which slowed the process of converting the venue from boxing to skating.

"Unfortunately, this wonderful weather we've been getting is great for everything else but making ice in a building that doesn't have air conditioning," Kelly said. "This would be very similar to what would happen anywhere."

It's the second time organizers have had to reschedule an event. The swimming competition at the start of the Games was put off for a day because of murky water.

Kelly said the delay in short track speedskating would not affect upcoming figure skating events.

On Monday, practices were moved to an auxiliary rink, where the ice was soft and brown. Later in the day, skaters were moved to another venue.

Alexi Zakrevski, director of the Yubileiny Palace, declined to let reporters see the skating rink.

However, a photographer who managed to get inside saw firemen with hoses spraying water on the rink.

The photographer said there was only a thin layer of ice on the rink, with bare floor visible in some spots. Zavreski blamed it on the unseasonably hot weather.

Asked what was being done to get the rink ready, he said, "It's a secret."