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A small group of Springville friends and I recently started an assistance project for flood victims in Georgia. We have been making quilts and gathering items that we felt would be useful. Many generous people have donated.

Today I made contact with Mr. Stafford of Montezuma, Ga., where our supplies are being directed. He is in charge of distribution of disaster supplies for Montezuma and for the town of Oglethorpe across the river. A town meeting is held each evening to discuss the needs of the local citizens.They have no need for clothes or food. (Used clothing has arrived in abundance.) First on their list is working household appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves. Everyone needs mattresses and beds, along with linens. They need all kinds of furniture and lots of cleaning equipment for bathrooms and kitchens. They are desperate for tools and equipment to repair their homes, including sheet rock. He said that though there is a need for eating utensils, they are not emergency items like other things he mentioned.

The Air Force has offered to fly our items to Georgia. In fact, they are excited about the project and have started gathering items from Hill Air Force Base to send. Anything usable that can be boxed and secured to a pallet will be sent.

Our committee is small, and we have limited transportation for pickup. Deadline for receiving items is Aug. 12. Drop points in Springville are at 33 N. 700 East and at 35 S. 600 East.

June Barrus