Mike Reid wishes his injuries were a little more glamorous.

The tour pro from Provo had to smile Friday when asked about a wrist injury that has kept him off the circuit most of last year. He hurt the wrist playing table tennis."I wish I could say it was bungee jumping," he said wryly. "I even wish I could say it was too much supination and I just rolled it over. But it was just street shoes and a wooden floor. Suddenly, I was horizontal and my paddle hand was under me (still gripping the paddle)."

He also hurts his ribs several years ago while hiding Easter eggs.

"I was given charge by my wife to hide the Easter eggs. I noticed the cat snooping suspiciously close to the eggs. That's when I went after the cat and that's when I slipped. And the reason my rib cage got injured was because I didn't want to rupture the eggs, so I held my arm in and landed on my arm and my arm imploded into my rib cage. I saved the eggs, though."