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When enough Republican and Democrat Utah legislators united to pass SB1 in a one-day special session last March, they gave Utah voters more than enough reason to want a greater voice in the revision of the state tax system.

The bill set up a four-year menu of potential sales-tax exemption removals from which six were acted on in 1994, as is well known by users of coin-operated laundries, car washes, pollution control equipment, shipping containers, golf green fee payers, etc.,This would be a good time to let your legislator know your feelings about the services being reviewed for exemption removal in 1994 and possible legislative action in 1995. From the menu of SB1 , these are as follows, with the expected tax revenue to be collected:

Airline food, $607,000

Airline equipment, $207,000

Aerospace tools, $2,385,000

Newspapers, $2,900,000

Commercial sprays and insecticides, $1,727,000

Farm equipment, $5,000,000

Seasonal agricultural sales by producer, $1,528,000

Utah manufactured aircraft, $0

Out-of-state long distance telephone calls, $10,000,000

SUBTOTAL, $24,354,000

It is not too early to ask that action be taken now to remove the most onerous item on the entire menu, scheduled for review in 1996, and possible enactment in fiscal 1997: Property stored for resale, $314,488,000.

Earl A. Hanson

Cedar City