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O.J. Simpson's blood has the same genetic makeup as blood found at the site where his ex-wife and her friend were slain, according to sophisticated test results made public Monday.

The results of the DNA tests at a Maryland lab were contained in court papers filed by prosecutors, who are hoping to link Simpson to the killings with scientific evidence.Two samples from a blood trail leading away from the murder scene showed a match with Simpson's blood, according to results of a group of tests called PCR.

One of those samples also underwent a more sophisticated DNA test, called RFLP, and the results showed the banding pattern of that blood matched Simpson's, according to the court papers.

RFLP test results are likely to be the most important evidence against Simpson.

Although the court papers suggested matches, they did not include a breakdown of the sta-tis-ti-cal odds of such matches.

Prosecutors have suggested Simpson cut his finger while allegedly committing the murders - explaining the presence of his blood at the scene.

The DNA test results were released as attorneys sparred in court over blood samples collected in the case.

The papers were filed at the same time as Superior Court Judge Lance Ito held another hearing into the feasibility of splitting blood evidence so that the defense could do independent DNA testing and on whether the prosecution had mishandled the testing.

As it opened, prosecutor Marcia Clark bitterly denounced the defense for making public his latest communication with the court criticizing her office.

Such public accusations, Clark said Monday, could have "severe impact on the right of the people to a fair trial." The judge declined to allow her to air her complaint in open court.

In a letter delivered to Ito and prosecutors after hours Friday, defense attorney Robert Shapiro said blood sample evidence may have been so compromised "by mislabeling, cutting, switching and other discrepancies" that the results of DNA tests will be inadmissible in court.