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True to common practice, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District board increased the property tax rate to .0004 despite several opposition comments from the public in attendance.

This public tax increase meeting was set for 9 a.m. in the district headquarters in Orem to increase the tax rate in six counties. In order to get the proper public input, it would have been more appropriate to hold the meeting in the evening so more people could attend. And a separate meeting should have been held in each county. Inconvenience was the total objective.The "Truth in Taxation" law passed by our Legislature is nothing more than a gimmick to bypass a ballot vote of the people. These so-called public input meetings are only an inconvenient formality that taxing entities are required to endure. The final determination had been cut and dried before the meeting began.

I pointed out that there has been a diversion of water tax money to unrelated water projects such as a bowling alley in Duchesne County. They explained that this was built by the Department of Reclamation with federal money. Yes. Federal money allocated to the CUP.

I pointed out that there is going to be a diversion or water tax money to build a restaurant, visitors center and trailer parking complex at one of the reservoirs. They explained that this is being built by the state. Yes, with federal money allocated to the CUP.

The federal Congress has been allocating tax money to the CUP for years. The CUP has been collecting tax money from the citizens for 30 years. There wasn't any clarification made as to how all this tax money is separated and spent on the many CUP projects. The only explanation made was that the CUWCD board doesn't make these allocation decisions. I wonder what all those 20 board members are in existence for?

Bob Wright