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Why is it that everywhere I go, I hear people bashing our president? It's outright embarrassing. President Clinton may not have all the answers, but he's doing the best job he know how to rid our country of such social illnesses as crime, violence and inadequate health care.

Instead of supporting President Clinton's attempt, all he gets is resistance from every possible faction. These factions have their own selfish interests at stake. At least Clinton is trying to do what our previous presidents lack the courage to try. It's time the people of this country quit blindly supporting "their party" and start electing those politicians who are trying to better our country.The residents of Utah, as conservative as they are, recently showed their dislike for Clinton's crime bill. How could the same people who are against liquor, smoking and abortion oppose a crime bill that wants to ban assault weapons. We need assault weapons like we need the bubonic plague.

Blaine Sorenson

Salt Lake City