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The very good views of E.J. Corry are correct concerning the lawsuit filed over the tragedy in Zion Park. With the help of the legal profession, we are destroying our way of life by failing to accept the results of our own acts. Nowadays a tragedy is always considered to be the fault of the wealthiest party that can even remotely be blamed. Attorneys, ACLU included, must take a most careful look at the effect of their successful lawsuits.

By their transfer of liability, attorneys have been able to destroy some useful parts of our way of life. Did you know that Piper Aircraft is bankrupt? For the better part of 100 years, Piper made affordable airplanes and taught the world to fly. Lawsuits put this fine old firm out of business. Does Cessna still make small planes? Nope. Same reason.Legal profession, take a look at your actions. They haven't really made the world a better place, have they?

Tom Judd

Salt Lake City