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Aaron Spelling, the man who's brought us everything from "Charlie's Angels" to "Dynasty" to "Fantasy Island," enters the first-run syndication business tonight with a pair of new series.

Heaven Help Us (8 p.m., Ch. 14) is a harmless bit of fluff that harkens back to "Fantasy Island" - and not just because Ricardo Montalban is one of the stars.John Schneider and Melinda Clarke star as Doug and Lexy, a pair of newlyweds who die tragically on their honeymoon, but who are sent back to Earth as a pair of helpful angels. (Montalban is sort of their supervisor angel.)

In tonight's pilot, our new angels try to help Lexy's parents (Shirley Jones and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.), who are on the verge of divorcing.

"Heaven" is lightweight and rather silly, but relatively entertaining.

Robin's Hoods (9 p.m., Ch. 14), on the other hand, is just moronic and unwatchable.

A rather embarrassed-looking Linda Purl stars as Brett Robin, a former prosecuting attorney and the widow of a slain policeman. She inherits his nightclub, which, she discovers, is staffed by five attractive young parolees (four gals and a guy).

They all set out to solve crimes, beginning with the murder of Brett's husband.

It's all irretrievably hokey and stupid. Imagine "Charlie's Angels" with even worse scripts and less talent in front of the camera.