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Will Jimmy Johnson be back in the NFL next season?

Maybe. Maybe not.As he liked to as coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Johnson is keeping everyone guessing by saying he's had offers, but isn't sure what he wants to do.

"I'll evaluate my situation after this year and see what happens about me coaching next year," Johnson said. "There's a chance I might not be back."

Johnson used Monday night's debut of his television program "Sports Waves" to keep the mystery alive.

"There's a good chance I might not coach football again," said Johnson, who got a $2 million payoff following a split with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. "It will depend on how much I miss it."

Although he says he hasn't made a decision, his girlfriend, Rhonda Rookmaker, and his parents have. They vote no.

"They know what will happen if I decide to do it," Johnson said. "They know that coaching is my life, day and night. They don't want me to do it."

Johnson has a lucrative job as an analyst with Fox Television. He lives in Florida where he has built a home, leading to speculation he may return to to the site of his college coaching days in Miami by signing with the Dolphins.

Although Don Shula recently received a new contract with Miami, there are still reports Johnson is a contender for the job after this season.

As for this year, Johnson said he would be pulling for the Cowboys to win a third consecutive Super Bowl.

"Without a question I want them to win another Super Bowl," said Johnson, who was wearing one of his two Super Bowl rings. "Some of the players have been with me for 10 years, including college, and some of the coaches have been with me for 15 years.

"I'd like to see 'em get a bunch of rings because of all the rough years they had to go through like that 1-15 start we had."

Johnson had former rival Buddy Ryan, coach of the Arizona Cardinals, on his show. Ryan needled Johnson, saying, "I saw that Denver game last night. They really look like they miss Jimmy."

Dallas beat Denver 34-10 in an exhibition game.