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With the start of another school year, a new version of "The Happenings Book" has also arrived. This 200-plus page booklet of value coupons - most of them two-for-the-price-of-one offers - contains discounts on restaurants, movies, sporting and cultural events, motels, car rentals and more.

According to Bruce Densley, district manager for the Salt Lake "Happenings Book," this year's edition will cost $25 - the same as last year. The Ogden/Cache Valley and the Provo/Orem editions will still sell for $18 each.High school organizations, Scout groups and others will sell the book as a fund-raiser for six weeks before it becomes available in early October at ZCMI, Deseret Book and Harmon's Shopping Centers.

Densley said Wasatch Front school groups and other nonprofit organizations earned a total of $325,000 during last year's sales of "The Happenings Book."

"We try to coordinate with schools," he said.

Because the groups sell the books on consignment, they can't lose money and they get to keep a portion of the profits.

"The book is aimed for any age and income level," Densley said.

He also said "The Happenings Book" is a win-win-win situation because the merchants, customers and sellers all profit.

Fine restaurants especially like "The Happenings Book" because it advertises them consistently and even lists their menus. Densley said Red Lobster Restaurant will be a new addition this year.

"It gets you to try new and different places," Densley said.

Densley also said that Happenings has purchased the Student Checks company. This means children from 150 elementary schools along the Wasatch Front will be selling "Student Gold C" booklets for $12 to help benefit their schools this fall.

"The Happenings Book" is now part of Entertainment Publications headquartered in Trumbull, Conn., but the company had its beginnings in Utah.

Bob Elliott and W. Paul Thompson, two graduates from Brigham Young University, started the book back in 1973.

Today the coupon book is found in 120 U.S. cities, and some larger ones, like Los Angeles, have several editions covering different areas.

In two states - Minnesota and Utah - and one city - Atlanta - the coupon book is known as "The Happenings Book." Elsewhere, it is simply the "Entertainment Book."

- For more information on "The Happenings Book," contact the nearest district office: Salt Lake City area: 261-0664; Ogden area: 731-2335; Provo area: 374-8391.