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The Nebo School Board has been wrestling with situations in which students do not have adequate textbooks, teachers do not have adequate teaching supplies and parents have to pay a fee virtually every time they turn around for their children to take classes. What has been their response? To give our already overpaid administrators a 4.1 percent increase in pay.

While 4.1 percent does not seem like a lot of money, it averages out to $3,075 per administrator per year. How many parents, teachers, school custodians or other support personnel will receive a $3,000 increase this year?The average administrator's pay will now be $78,000. Contrast this with the governor of the state at $79,600 and the attorney general at $67,000. The governor's and attorney general's salaries are collected across the whole state, while Nebo's salaries are collected from a poorer district in the state.

Nebo needs to pay salaries that compare with those obtained by the taxpayers of the district. I would certainly be surprised to find that the average salary in the Nebo District would be $78,000 per year.

With the benefits estimated at 33 percent, Nebo's budget for administrative salaries will now be $1,171,211.31. While we are pacified that this is a small portion of the overall budget, we still have glaring instances of shortages. Isn't it interesting that the shortage of funds and, therefore, the reduction of services always affects the parents, who are supposed to be the boss, and the students, for which the school system has been built?

If Nebo is truly a school district for the education of children of parents, why then are there shortages for the students? Why are administrators continually rewarded for substandard accomplishments? Why are there some given promotions who should be terminated? Why do we put up with this?

Sam Sellers