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Tale spinners, puppeteers, weavers, potters and artists with unique instruments converged on the Ashton Gardens Friday and Saturday to create magic with words and hands during the fifth annual Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

Originally conceived to raise money for the new Children's Library in Orem, the event is now bringing in money to pay for books for the shelves in that library - due to be completed in 1995.The festival attracted nationally and internationally acclaimed storytellers such as Patrick Ball, Waddie Mitchell, Ed Stivender, Renata Tkachenko, Jackie Torrence and Kathryn Windham. Large audiences were a staple as well.

Author/illustrator Richard Hull, creator of the official 1994 Festival print, was on hand to sign copies.

Ghost tales were shared one night, laughin' the next.

A 10-year-old, Bryson Alder, was among the storytellers.

So was Karen Ashton, founder of the festival and a storyteller with rich imagination and the ability to share life stories that make an audience laugh and cry simultaneously.

Competition winners for the Alpine School District were: Brandon Davis, Drew Olsen, Adam Ashton, Brett Andrus, Haley Olson, Jenny Lloyd, Patrick Livington, Casey Adamson, and Charlotte Van Wa-gen-en. The children shared their prize-winning stories with an audience Saturday morning.

Other tale spinners included Nancy Alder, Paul Boruff, Connie Crayk, Mark Gollaher, Lamarr Jones, Carrie Kelley, Mark Krantz, Howard Little, Melanie McKenlay, Debi Richan, Leticia Pizzino, Leona Rowan, Nan Weber, Vilo Westwood and Tom and Gael Shults.

Artists rotated throughout the gardens and appeared with pre-show storytellers and musicians playing harps, lutes and harmonicas.