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The recent reversal of policy by President Clinton as to Cuban refugees is the latest - and I'm sure not the last - evidence of the ability of every mean-spirited petty tyrant throughout the world to pull his strings.

Imagine for a moment the reaction from Mr. Castro had our president replied to his threat to send thousands of refugees to the United States with a statement similar to the following: "Dear Mr. Castro, if you are indeed serious about setting your people free, just give us a couple of weeks to organize transportation and other logistical matters and to make arrangements for media people from all over the world to be present with cameras, pencils and microphones to witness the results of your years of failure, and we will take every living soul who wishes to leave your socialist paradise and make them welcome in the `land of the free and the home of the brave.' "I wonder then whose president would have egg on his face?

Please note that history shows that immigrants to this country who arrived with only the opportunity to exercise their creativity and initiative, as opposed to welfare programs, have always integrated into our society and in their turns, made great contributions in all areas. Also note that the reluctance of liberals to admit large numbers of immigrants because they can't take proper care of them is a tacit admission that socialism just plain doesn't work. Obviously "free enterprise" does or this country would not exist.

Stewart Benedict