Why in the world should the State Fair, neglected so long by the state and poorly managed by indifferent or inept managers, be abandoned now when it has been resurrected and brought back to life by Jackie Nokes and her staff?

The past four years have seen a miraculous transformation in the fair. For more than 20 years, we never went near the fair because it was dirty and poorly managed. Even the schools refused to let the children have a day at the fair because of the unpleasant conditions. All that has changed. Now people can't wait for the fair to open because of the tremendous improvement and excitement that prevails. In addition, the grounds provide a perfect place for such events as the magnificent Days of '47 Western Heritage Art Show, one of the great exhibits in the nation.To stop now and move it to some other location away from this traditional spot after so much has been accomplished would be almost sacrilegious. Let it stay where it is and continue the planned improvements. Make it the showplace it should be.

Lest some of the task force deem the place unsafe because of an incident last year, may I ask if they are considering closing East High or the Triad Center or the Days of '47 Parade because of similar incidents at those places? May I also suggest they consider the police reports and find out that, contrary to all the media hype, the fairgrounds are not in the crime-ridden area of the city.

Pearl W. Nelson

Salt Lake City