While residents push for incorporation, county planners and residents are proceeding with a proposed general plan that will guide development in the area.

The preliminary Union Community General Plan spells out policy guidelines for an area caught between encroaching commercial development and its identity as a historic neighborhood."The master plan will hopefully curtail some of the commercial and promote single-family development," said Gayle Godfrey, a member of the Union Master Plan Committee.

The plan specifically says that development should be kept from 7800 South, 700 East, 300 East, 1000 East and 6500 South except in existing commercially zoned areas with good traffic access.

"Office projects could be considered along 900 East, 1300 East, Fort Union Boulevard east of 700 East, and Union Park Avenue where it is determined the land use is appropriate," the plan says.

An open house will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 16, from 3 to 7 p.m. in the Planning Division Office, N3700, Salt Lake County Government Complex, 2001 S. State. Copies of the plan are available at the planning division office.

Union has been the center of controversy since Hermes Associates sought and received approval from the county redevelopment agency to expand its Family Center at Fort Union.

The Union area is sandwiched between Murray, Midvale and Sandy. The 2.4-square-mile area has almost 14,000 residents.

Residents want to discourage more apartment development, particularly in the northeast quadrant of the city. The plan recommends a systematic review of zon-ing classifications in the area to make zoning consistent with actual land use.

"The rezoning effort will also preclude encroachment of high-density housing and prevent conversions of single-family housing to duplexes," the plan says.

Other recommendations in the preliminary plan include:

- Stabilizing community boundaries. The plan says the logical boundary for the westernmost boundary of Union is State Street.

Midvale should annex all property on the west side of State Street, leaving the east side within the Union Community boundary. The ten small "islands" southeast of Union should be annexed into Sandy. The boundaries of 1300 East and I-215 create a logical and obvious physical line that should be maintained, the plan says.

- Addressing traffic concerns. Residents are concerned about the increasing traffic along arterial streets such as Fort Union Boulevard and Union Park Avenue and collector streets such as 6790 South and Casa Negra Avenue.

- Developing neighborhood parks. Vacant land is becoming scarce. Land for a minimum of two neighborhood parks located in the southwest and northwest quadrant should be identified, purchased and developed, the plan says.

- Requiring adequate off-street parking. Storage of recreational vehicles in front yards should not be permitted, the plan says.


Additional Information

Meeting Wednesday

The Union Community Council will review the proposed general plan on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at the Lions Club, 7300 S. 580 East, at 7 p.m. Parking is available off 700 East at 7360 South.