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The new location of Jordan District's adult education classes should make it easier for many of the district's 16,000 adults who have not graduated from high school to receive their diplomas.

Since 1976, adult high school classes have been offered at locations throughout the valley.It wasn't uncommon for a student taking a full schedule of classes to attend classes at four different sites.

Beginning this school year, the classes will be offered under one roof at the Jordan Technical Center, 825 E. 9025 South. The technical center will continue to offer its courses, beginning at 7 a.m., with adult education classes meeting primarily in the evenings.

"Instead of driving from one campus to another to attend classes, students will find everything they need at the technical center," said John Taylor, principal of adult education. "We hope there will be an increased sense of belonging by students attending the school and that they can complete their courses sooner."

Taylor invites all those who haven't finished high school to "look into the mirror and ask themselves if they should take this step to improve their lives." In addition to the satisfaction of completing an unfinished goal, adults who have a high school diploma earn significantly more than those who don't, said Taylor.

Enrollment of adult education classes is approximately 1,500. Taylor would like to reach more of the 16,000 adults older than 18 years who have not received their high school diplomas.

Students who attend adult education classes range in age from the early twenties to retirees.

"It takes a tremendous amount of courage and a change in personal attitude to work toward a diploma. It requires admitting openly that you didn't graduate and you may need to overcome some of the reasons you didn't finish school," said Taylor.

Registration for adult classes is $20, entitling students to take as many classes as they would like. A counselor assesses a student's reading and math abilities, reviews a student's credits and helps develop an occupational plan.

"We provide smaller classes with a lot of teacher interaction," said Taylor.

Classes are flexible. Students can participate in self-directed courses and move at their own pace or they can actively involve a teacher in their education. The classes are taught by qualified, full-time Jordan District teachers who teach in their areas of expertise.

The school's new location will enable independent study students to progress as fast as they want because they won't need to wait for access to the testing center.

Fall quarter begins Sept. 12. Students may register at the school on Sept. 6-8 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.